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+Hiram McDuffy Collier

  The past few weeks have been very exciting, I've found more information on the Collier side plus an extra bonus, "Photos"  Yea!!!!!!!!! . No longer do we have to wonder what Hiram looked like, and the icing on the cake, Photos of his wife, his brother, and his brother's wife. That was the "Jackpot" of finds.  Thank you to a 3rd cousin of my husbands for sharing these photos on site.

Left to right are: Martha Ann Brown, Francis Marion Collier, Mary Susan Brown, Hiram McDuffy Collier

The brothers in the photo married the sisters in the photo.  Hiram McDuffy Collier is my husbands gr grandfather.

Hiram McDuffy Collier b: Feb. 2, 1865 Marion Co. AL
                                             d: Mar. 22, 1936 Vinemont, 
                                                  Cullman Co. Alabama 

Parents: Joshua Collier and Rebecca Ann McClung
The 1870 Census showing Hiram at age 4.

The census shows Hiram living with his parents and siblings:
Rebecca b: 1828 Georgia, she can read and write.
Joshua Collier b: 1808 N.C. cannot read or write
The children:
Malinda F Collier   b:  1859 Al
Nancy C Collier       b:  1862 Al
Francis M. Collier  b:  1863 Al
John Collier             b:  1867 Al
Mary E. Collier        b:  1869 Al

In the 1880 Census:
It shows Joshua a Farmer
Hiram : farmer
John: farmer
and Joshua and Rebecca have a new son named:
Joseph b: 1871 Al
Malinda isn't living at home.

In the 1900 Census:
Hiram has been married to Mary Susan Brown for 15 years. They married August 3, 1884 in Marshall, Alabama. They have seven children:

Wesley J.    b: May 1884 Al
John H.       b: Sept 1886 Al
Riley N.       b: Nov 1888 Al
William P   b: Mar 1890 Al
George T.    b: Sept 1891 Al
Susan C.      b: Oct 1895 Al
James M.    b: Oct 1899 Al

Hiram is still a Farmer, Wesley is farming, and Riley is farming.
Neither Hiram or Mary Susan can read or write.
The 1910 Census:
Hiram is 45 years old, he's still doing General Farming,  Wesley and John have moved out living on their own.
James McDuffy Collier my husband's grandfather is 10 years old.

The 1920 Census below:
Hiram is farming, James McDuffy Collier and  Bertie M, Wise are living with Hiram and Mary Susan.
Bertie married James but at this time it appears that they aren't married yet.

1930 Census:

Hiram's wife Mary Susan dies on January 29, 1925 in Jaffa, Cullman Co. Alabama.  On Nov 1, 1927, Hiram married Ethel Bevins Jordan and they have a son named:

Henry Holt Collier b: 1928 or 29 Al
                                     d: 2001 
Also living with Hiram are his step-children 
Annie Jordon
Rufus Jordon
Marvin Jordon
Alabama Death and Burial Index for Mary Susan Collier:

Mary is buried in New Canaan Church Cemetery. 

Hiram McDuffy Collier Dies March 22, 1936


Hiram is buried East Point Presbyterian Cemetery Cullman, Alabama

Ethel Bevins Jordan-Collier
dies Aug 20, 1978, she's buried in:
Flint Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Cullman, Al
Plot: sec 2 row 16

More information about all the children:

Wesley Joshua Collier ( May 26, 1885 Marshall, Alabama, Dec 30, 1956 Cullman, Alabama)

John Henry ( Sept 12, 1886 Marshall, Al, July 31, 1968, Blount, Alabama)

Riley Nathan Collier ( Nov. 24, 1888 Alabama, May 15, 1970 Cullman, Alabama)

William Presley Collier ( Mar. 4, 1890, Marshall, Al, April 13, 1965  Loxley, Alabama)

George Tillman Collier ( Sept 30, 1891 Marshall, Al, Jan 25, 1943, Hattiesburg, Forrest, Mississippi)

Susan Catherine Collier ( Oct 22, 1895 Marshall Al, Dec 30, 1945 Cullman, Alabama)

James McDuffy Collier ( Oct 5, 1899 Marion Co. Alabama, Feb 29, 1960, Cullman Alabama)

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  1. You were very thorough in your research. The picture adds to the story you told about Hiram. How wonderful that you do have them. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Bernita, it's really nice to have photos it seems easier to write when there is a photo even if I haven't met them.