Sunday, February 2, 2014

+Thomas Jefferson Fortner Sr.

We never new what Thomas Jefferson Fortner Sr looked like nor his wife Lucy Ann Reynolds, then the other day I was on and was updating some of the people on the site with documents when I saw this hint flashing at me.  So I go check it out and guess what?

There he is on the front left with his wife Lucy and their three children, they had more children than this though.
Roxie Fortner Sailors on the back left..her name is mentioned as Rosie but my husband new her and she went by Roxie. also Monty which his full name was Montezuma Fortner and Martha Ann Fortner. What a nice surprise to find all of them. I have to say too that my husband I think really resembles his grandfather very much. They even have the same type mustache and hair and shape face.  I could tell right away that they are related, no doubt.

So then while researching I find another leaf moving so I check out that hint as well and there is Alice Emma Fortner in three photos another nice surprise.
Alice Emma Fortner
Alice Emma Fortner

Alice Emma Fortner
Alice Emma Fortner born about 1880 GA, and died Jan 6th 1960 Atlanta, GA.  She married Henry Williams in 1896. They had nine children listed below:

May Williams                  b: 1899-1900
Elizabeth Bell Williams:  b: 1900- 1997
Dora Inez Williams          b: 1902-1941
Bessie Dean Williams      b: 1905- 1987
Lucille Williams              b: 1906-?
Madge Williams              b: 1908-?
Henry Grady Williams     b: 1911-?
Lois Williams                  b:1912-2005
Jennie Williams              b: 1914-2002

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